Saturday, April 24, 2010

blog tagged!

Shar tagged me! So 10 things I like and 5 random things about me. So here it goes:
1. I like hot chocolate..piled high with whipped cream or mallows..usually have at least one a day.
2. I like antiques! I am fascinated by antiques an their stories behind them!
3. I like the color pink! All of our kitchen acessories are pink!
4. I like miniature things...anything small. Purses, bottles, anything mini!
5. I like high heeled shiny, tall, and completely unfunctionable..but cute! ;)
6. I like shopping with my mom.. we always go to the mall of america!
7. I like farmers markets! The smells are intoxicating! Madison's farmers market is the best!
8. I like tanning by the pool.
9. I like cupcakes...making them..eating them...collecting cupcake ceramics..
10. I like chocolate... A LOT. I eat it every day!

5 Random things...
1. I took belly dancing classes in college
2. I was hypnotized once..they made me think i was a backstreet boy.
3. I took dance lessons for 10 years.
4. I can't cook, i burn grilled cheeses.
5. I grew up in a house with no showers..only bathtubs..hence I only take baths. I hate showers!

I'd tag 5 people..but I don't know anyone! hhahah

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  1. Hypnotized!?? Did you feel funny? LOL I don't think I'd ever want to be hypnotized. Dance lessons, wow. I think that is so cool. I love minis too. :) But I love to cook and I'll make you a mean grilled cheese when you come over. LOL! I also grew up in a house with only a bathtub. I thought that was why I hate baths and love showers. LOL!!!

    Thanks for playing, Emily. :)


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