Saturday, July 17, 2010

Scrapbook Garage Sale Motherload!

So today seemed pretty hectic and was not off to a good start. I was running errands with my husband and friend....nothing really fun just the man mall, working on home projects, and picking up equipment. UNTIL I spotted a sign saying "Garage Sale-Scrapbook Supplies, half off on Saturday." My husband instantly dropped me off while the garage sale was just closing up. It was fate. I went there and this guy had bought BOXES of overstock supplies from Fiskars. Everything was new and in the package and he had piles of each embellishments. EVERY SINGLE sticker sheet, chipboard packages, rubons, border stickers, flocked accents, felt button packages, etc was 30 CENTS EACH!!!! I started going crazy, they gave me a bag and I loaded up 97 different embellishment packages and it only cost me $29.10!!!!! Seriously made my day, probably my month!!! Just had to share. :)

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