Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mmmmm Chocolate!

This card was made with brown bazzil bling paper that I cut and scored to look like a hershey chocolate bar in the background. I used my chocolate drop die and some hershey kisses wrappers to make the embellishments! I also chalked around the edges of my paper squares and moonlight font.


  1. OMG Emily!!! this is soooooo adorable!!!! You better post this EVERYWHERE!!!! Scrapbuggy, QK- everywhere!!!!!! You are way more talented than you give yourself credit for!

    I'm so proud of everything you do!

  2. awwww Sue you are gonna make me cry. You are so sweet! Thank you! Miss you bunches!

  3. Just so you know..... I WILL be scraplifting this!



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