Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fun Finds

My new t-shirt from a local scrapbook store in MN.

This little guy I bought for 2 dollars at Marshalls. It's a mini vacuum! It picks up those little paper snippets when you don't want to break out the big vacuum!

"What Style, What Grace, What a Silly Face!" Thought of my friend Shar and her Grandaughter Gracie when I saw this. And of course I had to buy it because it has vintage pictures of kittens!

Now this is really cool! Apparently a little company makes these paper grided sheets and "how to" books along with it. This is to line up your mosaic pictures! Really cool...just cut your picture into 1 inch squares and the paper has faint lines so you can put them on perfectly straight..instead of eyeballing it. You can fill up the whole sheet with more than one photo..and you don't have to stick with all 1 inch squares..you can throw in some bigger size ones and surround it with little squared pictures. I will be creating a layout to show an example soon! The company is "Mosaic Moments" by Tami Potter at www.tamipotter.com Check it out! Here is the creator's "how to" video from her blog. http://tamipotter.typepad.com/how_do_i/


  1. Wow, score!!!! What fun stuff you found! That tee shirt is a hoot. I love the vintage stickers. So sweet, that mosaic thingy is fabulous. but the mini vac -- wow what a cool toy, I mean tool! ;) Great shopping, girlie!


  2. What a jackpot eh? I can' wait to wear my shirt! And that vacuum tool is made by EK success! I can't wait to to try out the mosaic thingy! I just had to share my goodies!! :)


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