Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Giant Layout/Bulletin Board

Even though I am not a teacher, I still get to decorate bulletin boards! Talk about a large layout here! The school had their prom so I took pictures and made this using my polaroid qk diecut, damask border (halved), and Moxie Classic Font. I plan to hang this up at our health center where I work as a school nurse.


  1. What a fun project. I love this! and is that you there in the blue dress??

  2. Thanks Shar! It was crunch time to get it done for this week! Hahah no I didn't get to dress up because I wasn't picked to chaperone..I'm on the way bottom left corner in the polaroid with the girl in the pink!

  3. All great stuff EM! I love the vintage kitty stuff, so sweet! Actually, I pretty much loved it all. Thank God they didn't pick you for a chaperon.... I've seen you in action... YOU need the chaperon - just joshin!!!


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