Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Updated Scraproom Pics

These little buggers are from IKEA. They are pink LED lamps that clamp onto my desk. They are super bright and are bendable so I can shape them how I want!
Bryan picked up these corner round pieces, they were on super sale, just 3.99 each! I think they finish the room nicely. There are 3 on this end and 3 on the end of the other cubes.

Can you see my little helper in all of this craziness? It is still not quite finished yet. I have to pick up some more making memory jars. We called the manufacturer of these cubes to order some label metal plates to attach to my desk so everything matches. They are sending us 6 for free! Yay!! Now I need to label all of this!

Cupcakes anyone? The topper on the cube is a charging station...holding my cameras and cell phone.


  1. Your room is SO CUTE! I love the pink IKEA bendy lights and the cupcake stand is adorable. Great job!!

    Pinkles is a super cute helper. LOL :)

  2. hahhahha thanks Shar! :)YOUR room is an inspiration to me!


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